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racing game 1

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:31 pm

Hey! we thought it would be AWESOME to make a nfs:mw like game, but we want YOU guys to write a wishlist here on the forum for what you want in the game. Write like this (the things is just examples but if you want to you can write them to, and you can write more than one on each category):


it would be cool if you're able to race in japan.
the world most be big and well made.


i want the menu layout to be like in forza horizon 2 and a twist with forza 3 with loading layouts from nfs:mw!


i want it to have 150 races and 10 drags, 15 drifts and ofcourse some rally races


it would be cool if you could drive:

Volvo V40 1997
Volvo 242 Turbo
2011 Ford Crown Victoria


ability to turn off trafic


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